Compound Eye enables machines to understand their surroundings in 3D and in real time using only passive sensors like cameras and IMUs. Our technology gathers far more information than active sensors like lidar and radar, for a fraction of the cost, and has applications in mapping, augmented reality, self-driving cars, and other autonomous robots.


We are a small team of engineers. We grew up in the US, Ireland, Taiwan, Russia, and the Canary Islands. We have worked at Google, Apple, Facebook, and SRI, started six companies, and raised eleven kids. We have written software for every major platform from PC to web to mobile phones to VR and AR. We have designed systems that enable helicopters to land in low visibility, worked on cube satellites and robot chefs, and coached high school kids to win paper plane contests. We fly small planes, and build and race drones, RC aircraft, and ground robots. We get around fine without lasers.


Compound Eye operates at the intersection of 3D geometry and deep learning. We are hiring exceptional software, hardware, and machine learning engineers to join our team in Redwood City, CA. Our office is close to the Caltrain station, because we don't have self-driving cars yet.



1590B Marshall St
Redwood City, CA 94063